Nesotec Hardware Store

1.1 Guarantee on our products

  • Desktops and All-in Ones: 12 months
  • Monitors: 12 months
  • Forza Power Technologies (not on battery): 6 months
  • Printers: 6 months
  • Laptops: 6 months


1.2 Proving the purchaser’s fault (burden of proof)

As the purchaser, the burden of proof lies with you to demonstrate that the issue with the product was not caused by misuse, mishandling, or any other action that falls outside of the product's intended use. In the absence of such proof, we will not be able to honor any warranty claims.


1.3 Customer guarantee expiration

Please note that while we have taken every precaution to ensure the quality and durability of our products, we cannot guarantee their performance beyond the stated warranty period. As such, any repairs or replacements needed after the guarantee period has expired will be the responsibility of the customer.