ZEPCAM Manager Software is provided to run and manage all aspects of your body-worn camera operation: devices, users, settings, authorisations, viewing, sharing and managing videos as (legal) evidence and actionable data for a range of purposes.

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ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam

The ZEPCAM T3 Live bodycam allows the user to stream live video with audio and GPS to a central control room, as well as record on the internal 64GB storage of the bodycam. The images can be securely viewed in real time and stored for review using the same ZEPCAM Manager Software for all three generations of bodycams. It is the solution for supervisors to support frontline professionals and remote workers in dealing with the unexpected. Organisations in public safety, law enforcement, security, inspection, construction, technical services and logistics all benefit from the ZEPCAM T3 Live. Visit their website for more information. Zepcam >
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ZEPCAM T2+ Bodycam

The ZEPCAM T2+ Professional Bodycam is the #1 camera to protect frontline professionals. Bodycams represent your organisation’s authority and allows frontline professionals to always be supported in the field. Bodycams stimulate good behaviour and reduce the number of incidents by up to 80%. Should an event occur, bodycams prove useful to defend a public servant’s response. ZEPCAM delivers on its promise with superior reliability and usability for the frontline professional when it really counts. Visit their website for more information. Zepcam >
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